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Winford Academy Breda

Winford Academy is a private secondary school. When you choose our preparatory vocational secondary education (VMBO), junior general secondary education (MAVO) or senior general secondary education (HAVO) then, alongside the general subjects, you are also choosing a programme that emphasises creativity and entrepreneurship. We have a two-year transition period in which pupils are taught in a way that is tailored to their educational level. It is only at the end of this two-year period that a final choice is made whether to continue to study for the more vocational or combined VMBO, or the more theoretical MAVO or HAVO qualifications. Individual talent development is the guiding principle at our school. At our safe and small-scale school, pupils are heard and can be themselves. They learn to work together in an environment of respect which enables them to develop their own personality and self-confidence.

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Our vision on education

WINFORD ACADEMY puts the individual learning process at the heart of its education by drawing up and developing a personal development profile for each child. The central question is: what is this child capable of? Put simply, we help our students reach their full potential and to take pride in the results they achieve at whatever level in the secondary education programmes we offer.

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Digital learning platform

All pupils and students have an iPad or MacBook (on loan from the school) on which they can work during school hours . Students are not allowed to take the iPad/MacBooks home and must store them safely in their locker once lessons are over. The iPads and MacBooks can be charged in the lockers. The school also has a professional Wi-Fi network so that students can work online anywhere in the school.

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Winford Academy

Winford is a small village in south-west England close to Bristol, Civil Parish in Somerset. The name originates from the old English word ‘Wynn ford’ which means a reliable place to cross the water. A highly appropriate description of our school. Winford has been providing private education for over 40 years. The small class sizes, the power of personal attention and the pleasant atmosphere all help each child to achieve the best possible results.

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